Dry Aluminum

Dry Aluminum

Flat insulating panel of sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS), available in white and with improved thermal conductivity (graphite), to which a 1050 alloy aluminum foil with high conductivity and thermal inertia is coupled, with channels suitable for the installation of a heating system and underfloor cooling with installation pitches of 100 and 150 mm, for pipes with an external diameter of 16 mm.

The aluminum foil’s heat conduction characteristic of the 1050 alloy, makes the panel ideal for underfloor dry systems to be installed in renovations and energy requalification or in new buildings with high energy efficiency (passive house standard). It also acts as a vapor barrier in the operating phase of the radiant system.


Panel overall dimensions

1400 x 750 (spacing 150) mm
1400 x 800 (spacing 100) mm

EPS base thickness

26 ÷ 43 mm

EPS compressive strength class

300 kPa

EPS type

white and improved conductivity (graphite)


Aluminium thickness

150 μm

Aluminium type

Alloy 1050


Pipe spacing

100 / 150 mm

Pipe diameter

16 ÷ 17 mm