Temperature-controlled protective packaging

Insulating boxes for maintaining the cold temperature in the food and pharmaceutical chain industry

Isothermal containers for the pharmaceutical industry

Insulating boxes for the temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceutical products with eutectic gels or dry ice

Isothermal containers for the food industry

Insulating boxes for temperature-controlled transport of food products with eutectic gels or dry ice.

Wine bottle shipping boxes

Shippers for 1, 2, 3, and 6 wine bottles suitable for all formats (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhenish and Champagne)

The cold chain has become the protagonist in the field where all the attention has been focusing on the correct conservation of pharmaceutical or edible products.

Poliplast continues to invest in this sector aiming to build-specific expertise, which is characterised by the use of what it has learnt in thermal insulation. Technology is at the centre of our conversation while delivering our services to our clients.

We use technology to deliver new polystyrene oriented tasks, which only Poliplast is able to respond to based on the knowledge and know-how experiences in managing raw materials.