Insulated concrete forms and boards for thermal insulation

Insulating concrete formwork (ICF)

Remaining formworks for structures with diffused reinforcement: load-bearing walls, floors, partitions, seismic retrofitting and swimming pools.

Thermal insulation boards

Moulded boards for roof insulation (under tiles) and Etics.

The long-term experience and the innovative capacity characteristic of Poliplast have allowed us to develop high performing and sustainable construction systems in the construction sector, making use of the expertise on the thermal insulating properties of polystyrene.

Insulated concrete forms for walls, floor and swimming pools arise from the capitalization of specific know-how on the raw material. Its characteristics, and its processing are proposed as ecologically sustainable solutions for an improvement in the energy efficiency of buildings; in an era in which it is a primary parameter both in planning, in construction, and the purchase of the real estate.