Radiant heating and cooling systems

Underfloor insulating panels for new building and energy renovation.


Castellated floor panels

Skinned knob panels

Flat Boards

Low profile Boards

Radiant systems have revolutionized the way of designing and manufacturing air conditioning systems with solutions capable of making heating and cooling systems more efficient:

Poliplast is a leader in this field, due to the flexibility of the range offered and the breadth of production.

We are among the most representative and innovative national operators in the field of panels for radiant systems: we offer a product portfolio that covers all the production techniques available today (thermoforming and thermo-coupling), thanks to a dedicated department, capable of producing more than 20,000 square meters of panels per day.

We offer a wide range of multiple customizations for new construction and energy redevelopment contexts, also with environmentally friendly solutions that involve the use of secondary raw materials.

We are certified for Plastica Seconda Vita (Italian Brand for Second Life Plastic) and comply with the Green Public Procurement Decree. Because in Poliplast large numbers and innovation always travel in tandem!