Technical moulded parts

Technical moulded parts for children’s seats, cots, high chairs and industrial components (automotive and insulation).

Moulded parts for Children’s seats

Padding and protections in moulded EPS for children’s items: car seats, cots, strollers and high chairs.

Industrial components

Technical moulded parts for industrial components in various sectors: from automotive to thermo-hydraulic.

The shockproof properties of polystyrene, which Poliplast knows perfectly thanks to its extensive experience in the field of packaging, have allowed the development of technical inserts, placed in the most varied and delicate contexts.

Polystyrene is a material with a set of excellent characteristics, from lightness to elasticity, from insulating power to its resistance. Its characteristics makes it an ideal element for packaging and protection solutions.

Poliplast’s excellence is evidenced by a portfolio of customer types that is broad enough to contain from inserts for the automotive sector to elements for thermal insulation; always with the utmost respect for technical safety requirements and respect for the environment.