Industrial components

Industrial Components

Polystyrene is a material with a set of excellent characteristics, from lightness to elasticity, from insulating power to impact resistance, characteristics that make it an ideal element not only for packaging and protection.

The versatility of EPS also makes it suitable for a whole series of technical moulded parts , typically in industrial components in various sectors, from automotive to thermo-hydraulic (refrigeration machines, forced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, boiler).

The properties of polystyrene have allowed the development of technical inserts placed in the most varied and delicate contexts.

Thanks to specially shaped moulds we can create technical inserts with complex geometries, with limited thicknesses and high densities, with the aim of providing a customized solution for a wide range of safety articles from the side protections, the seat, the backrest, to the head restraints ensuring safety in the car and home for children.