Dual Density

Dual Density

Double-density moulded sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation panel, available in white and grey (graphite) EPS, to which a high impact laminated polystyrene film (HIPS) is coupled, obtained through a thermoforming process. The double density EPS moulding gives the panel impact sound absorption qualities. The thermoformed film makes it possible to create retaining knobs that guarantee rapid installation and safe locking of the piping; while improving the mechanical resistance of the system and consequently the walkability during construction phases, and acts as a vapour barrier in the operating phase. The film is also shaped on the perimeter edges in such a way as to allow adequate overlap and a solid connection between adjacent panels, ensuring optimal sealing during the installation of the panels and the casting of the screed.


Panel overall dimensions

1450 x 850 mm (net 1400×800 mm)

EPS base thickness

Upper layer:
10 mm density 30 kg/m³
Lower layer:
15÷30 mm density 15 kg/m³

EPS compressive strength class

30 kg/m³ (upper layer)
15 kg/m³ (lower layer)

EPS types

White and grey (graphite) EPS


HIPS film thickness

500 ÷ 800 μm

Knob height

22 mm


Knob spacing

50 mm

Pipe diameter

16 ÷ 17 mm