Klett Roll (hook-and-loop system)

Klett Roll (hook-and-loop system)

Flat insulating panel in sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS), available in white and with improved thermal conductivity (graphite), coupled with a protective velour loop foil, suitable for fixing special pipes wrapped in hook strips (“klett” type), with a printed on pattern useful for pipe laying (50 x 50 mm installation grid). The panel is supplied as a roll or as a “book” (each panel consists of two one-meter long parts which overlap and close like a book).

The velour loop film allows for simple and safe fixing of the special piping with the hook-and-loop system and protects the insulation from the humidity of the screed during construction phases; it also acts as a vapor barrier in the operating phase of the radiant system. The film is equipped with a self-adhesive strip on one side, to ensure the connection and the overlap between adjacent panels, ensuring an optimal seal during the laying of the rolls and the casting of the screed.



1 m

Roll length

10 m (EPS100 – EPS-T)

Book length

1+1 m (EPS150)


20 ÷ 50 mm


EPS100 – EPS150 – EPS-T



Non-woven fabric for fixing pipes with klett-type hooked strip


Square mesh 50 x 50 mm