Passo 100

Passo 100

Insulating panel in sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS), available in white and with improved thermal conductivity (graphite), to which a high impact laminated polystyrene (HIPS) film is coupled, obtained by means of a heat sealing process, available in different colors. The panel is also available without film with EPS 300. The octagonal stud has dimensions such as to allow the laying of pipes with a pitch of 100 mm and offers a large support surface, to the advantage of walkability during the construction phase.

The heat-sealed film gives the system a robustness that can adequately resist the stresses caused by the trampling of the operators and the humidity of the screed during the construction phase; it also acts as a vapor barrier in the operating phase of the radiant system

On the four sides of the panel there is a batten with overlapping and hooking of the perimeter edges in such a way as to allow adequate overlap and a solid connection between adjacent panels, ensuring an optimal seal during the installation of the panels and the casting of the screed.


Panel overall dimensions

1030 x 530 mm
(net 1000 x 500 mm)

EPS base thickness

30 mm

Knob height

30 mm

EPS compressive strength class

120 ÷ 500 kPa

EPS type

white and with improved conductivity (graphite)


HIPS film thickness

170 ÷ 230 μm

Also available without film with EPS 300


Knob spacing

100 mm

Pipe diameter

17 ÷ 20 mm